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The North Texas Amateur Baseball League (NTABL) is part of MSBL National and as such is governed by MSBL rules. Each chapter can also maintain local interpretations to address variations included but not limited to game length, equipment approved, Pro status and others.  The NTABL uses local rules as well (see Local Rules Clarifications below.)  

Note that when attending National and Regional Tournaments, MSBL rules and local tournament rules apply. Always be aware of the rules so there are NO SURPRISES!
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long is a season, how many games do you play and much does it cost to play?
Our Spring Season runs from April to August, plus all teams make the playoffs.  This means you will usually play more than 20 games with some teams playing as many as 25.
The season costs $325 per player.  With discount rates available for entire teams registering before March 1.   

Rookie League
 runs from May to July. You will play 10 games. The season costs $165 per player regardless of roster size.  Fall Ball is our 10-game season to keep players who want to be active after the regular season ends (around Labor Day) or tune up for National tournament, but ends before it gets too cold.

How do I know this league is legitimate? 
Besides being the oldest league of its kind, the league is also sanctioned by USA Baseball, a member of the US Olympic Committee, and the National Mens Senior Baseball League (MSBL).  The league is also managed as a non-profit using an elected board of directors and team manager delegates.

Who can play?
NTABL is open to all men 18 years of age and older. Players who have recently made a MLB and 3A, 2A, or Single-A ball should contact the league prior to joining a club. 

Who are the managers?
NTABL has a long history with several teams having formed over 20 years ago.  The managers are volunteers who usually also play.  Managers in NTABL play for free in consideration to organizing and running their team.  If you are interested in managing please contact on of the League Officers.  Go to:

What are the tryouts like?
Tryouts consist of infield drills (grounders, "turning two", etc.) , out field drills (pop ups, throws to bases) and everyone gets a chance to hit batting practice type pitching. 

How can you guarantee everyone a spot on a team?
When you register and pay to be a Premium Free Agent, you are guaranteed a spot on a team and may attend the tryout to be drafted.  If you are drafted by a regular league team, your Premium Free Agent fees transfers to your new team and you simply pay the remainder of your team fee.  If you are not drafted, you are guaranteed a spot in the Rookie League.  You can also be picked out of the Rookie League and moved up to a regular league team during the season.

What is the NTABL Rookie League?
The Rookie League is for players who are looking to get on a team but teams are full, want to play ball in a less structured way, are returning after an absence, players who want to work on their skills, college players returning home for the summer and existing league players desiring more repetitions. Everyone who wants to play will, regardless of skill level! This developmental league that allows returning ballplayers to play real games, have fun, and be seen by our regular league managers in game situations in case they want to get more serious. It is OPEN so it is made up of players 18 to 50+ but moist are under age 30.

Who Manages Rookie League?
Managers from our regular season teams manage these games and use this league as a source for new talent. Teams are managed centrally but volunteer managers from the regular season league manage on a rotational basis to scout for players. There is no set manager. Players are able to move up to a current team roster at a manager's request and player consent. A slight additional cost will apply.

What do I need to bring for Rookie League?
All players are responsible for their own bats and gloves as well as pants and a hat. Cleats and a protective cup are also recommended.  The league provides Jersey, balls, catching gear, batting helmets and umpires.

How long has the Rookie league been in operation?
The Rookie league has been around since 1992 in various forms including the Sunday Only league and the $10-a-game pick-up league, but returned as the formalized Summer Rookie League in 2011.

What is the NTABL Fall League?
The Fall League is an open league comprised of teams of various skill levels.  We play 10 games with a single elimination end of season fall tournament.  Fees for the 10-games is $165 per player with a minimum of 14 players. We have two leagues, roughly dividing at the 35+ level.  

How long has the Fall League been in operation?
Fall Ball has been off an on since the league formed.

What makes NTABL different? 
The NTABL is the oldest and most established league in the area for its age offerings. Unlike the other leagues, it recognized as one of the nation's foremost amateur baseball leagues for men ages 18 and older. It has earned this reputation through its consistency, excellent competition and success at the regional and national level. But is main differentiator is it is all inclusive. Players and managers come to play and do not concern themselves with fields, maintenance, baseballs, umpires, administration, or insurance and is not governed by a city government or a profiteer looking to earn money off you. Just real baseball! Its not the cheapest but it is the BEST! NO OTHER LEAGUE DOES THIS!! DON'T BE MISLED!

I heard amateur baseball is jungle rules, sandlot baseball with beer drinking and smoking in the dugout, no order?
To the contrary, the NTABL conforms to Major League standard baseball rules, with a few provisions, uses nine (9) inning Sunday games and seven (7) inning weekday, Rookie and Fall Ball game format. NTABL staffs professional umpires and league administration. The league expressly prohibits alcohol and tobacco use by players, fans, umpires and leadership in or around a facility. Violators will be expulsed and/or turned over to local authorities. Other leagues....not so much. Buyer beware!

What if someone gets hurt or a facility is damaged?
The league is protected by $3 million of liability insurance and secondary medical coverage for member players. Note: medical coverage for Fall Ball members may be excluded.

How popular is Men's Senior Baseball? 
MSBL has been featured in Sport Illustrated, Baseball America, USA Today, Sporting News, and US News, local news and Radio and on the Today Show and Good Morning America. There are over 50,000 players nation-wide.

Do you give anything back to the community?
Leagues and members are active in charities, community beautification, playgrounds building and park renovations. Charities include the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Players are encouraged to participate and many do regularly. See About for more info on our Philanthropy!

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