Local Rules

ALL NTABL Players and Spectators are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct:
1. No alcoholic beverages at the fields: this includes in the dugouts, parking lots and grandstands.  

2. NTABL Players and Spectators are expected to leave the fields, dugouts and grandstands in cleaner condition then they found them.   
3. If upon arriving to a field and the area has litter or property damage, the manager should contact his Division VP with photo evidence.  
4. Many fields now have "No gum, no seeds, no metal spikes" policies.  Teams found in violation will be fined in accordance with facility guidelines.  $250 - $500 per occurrence, depending on the facility.

5. Only players on NTABL rosters are allowed on the field at any time.  This includes before and after games.    
6. Children are not allowed on the field or in the dugouts at any time.  
No bat boys/girls or "mascots" allowed.  (Sorry, Dad.)

MSBL Rules Apply with the following local interpretations:

1. Two courtesy runners per team designated in advance.

2. Speed up rule will be optional for 35 + and 45+ divisions and must be agreed upon before the game. If the rule is used for the game it will be used for the entire game regardless of personnel changes. The speed up rule will not be in effect for the 18+ division at any time.

3.     A/B hitting for position. 9 and above

4.     Pitchers can opt to hit and must run unless a courtesy runner is specified at the start of the game or the speed up rule is in effect.

5.     Base coaches must wear helmets.

6.     Runners must slide directly to and stop at second and third base and must avoid collisions at the plate.

Age Eligibility and Proof

1.     For MSBL 25/35/45/55 & over players are eligible to play as long as they turn the division appropriate age by December 31st of the current year.

2.     Each team in the 35/45/55 division is automatically allowed 3 age limit waivers so long as the player(s) requesting waiver will be ages 33, 43 or 53 in the calendar year of the season for which the waiver is granted. Additional waivers can be granted but will require 100% approval from the division managers. There will be no more than four age limit waivers granted to a team in any season. Players using an age waiver cannot pitch, but may play all other positions.  No waiver will be granted for any player that is not within 5 years of the division age minimum.

3.     For OPEN (18+), players are eligible to play on the date of their 18th birthday no exceptions, even with the permission of a parent or legal guardian.

4.     Proof of age may be requested for any player

5.     Proof can be provided using Drivers License, State issued ID card, Passport, or Birth Certificate.

6.     Proof must be furnished by the end of the game otherwise team will forfeit.    

Contract Enforcement

1.     No player may enter the field of play without an on-line contract record.  Our contract is our indemnification against damages and cannot be compromised.  This is the manager responsibility.

2.     Any team who plays a player without a contract will forfeit the game.


1.     A team manager may bat as many players as he desires, with a minimum of 10 (subject to the number of players available, if less than 10). Batters cannot be deleted or skipped over, regardless of their batting position or when they were added during the game.  If a team has less than ten (10) players, and bats all players present, the opposing team will have the option of batting nine (9). There is no penalty for batting less than ten (10) players, provided all players present are in the batting order. If a team has more than 9 players and still only bats nine, they will be assessed an out each time the 10th batting position is skipped. Batting only 9 players is NOT a protestable offense.

2.   If a player is forced to leave a game due for any reason, a reserve player, not previously entered into the game as a hitter, must hit in the replaced hitters place. If there are no reserves who can replace the individual, the spot is skipped and all hitters below that position move up. This will only result in an out if the action results in less than 10 players batting. The first time this vacated spot comes up in the batting order, (and the number of batters is less than 10) an out will be assessed. After that one time, no out will be recorded for skipping the spot vacated by the displaced player.

3.   A/B batting order can start at any batting position but you still must bat a minimum of 10 batters.  A/B means you MUST designate before the game, that when the A/B batting position bats, two players alternate in this position. The first time A bats, then the second time B, third time A and so forth.  Once you designate this, it does not change. You can use this only if you have 11 players or more. If A/B is used and either of A/B gets ejected or hurt and cannot continue you must substitute in this spot a player who has not yet been entered in the game offensively.  If you have utilized all players offensively, you will be assessed an out the first time and then you can condense that position to one batter only.

Optional Pitcher/Catcher courtesy runner

1.     Each team has the option of not having their pitcher or catcher have to run as a courtesy runner.  For example, if a player reaches base and he has a courtesy runner and the pitcher is the last batted out, the team has the option to skip over him and move to the next last batted out.

2.     If pitchers and/or catchers are changed throughout the game, you still have the option to have them not run but the original pitcher/catcher would then have to run.

3.     If a batter (designated as needing a courtesy runner) opts to run, or forgets to get a runner and subsequently runs, he will lose his designated runner status for the remaining portion of that game. (Use it or lose it)

Intentional Walks

1.     Each team will be allowed one intentional walk per game.  Four pitches must be thrown to the catcher

2.     It is a balk if a pitcher throws to a catcher indicating a call for a second intentional walk

Pitcher Re-entry

1.     Pitchers can re-enter to pitch one time only, but not in the same inning.  This can only be done once per game in total and only for the starting pitcher.

Roster Validation

1.     All line up/rosters MUST have the players first and last name, and their player number.  Managers will police. If after multiple complaints of non-compliance to the league by an opposing manager, division Vice-Presidents MAY opt to impose forfeits on offending teams.  Umpires and league officials do not police rosters.

Mercy Rule          

1.     There will be no Mercy Rule for regular season games in Veterans, Masters or Legacy Divisions. The Mercy Rule shall apply in playoffs for Veterans, Masters and Legacy Divisions.

2.     If a 7-inning game is played with a time limit greater than 2 hours or no time limit, then the Mercy Rule will be applied after 5 innings or 4 if home team has advantage.

3.     The Mercy Rule will be applied to 9-inning games for both regular season and playoff games after 7 innings or 6 1/2 innings if home team has advantage (Open League).

Special 55+ Legacy League Rules

1.  First 3 innings of each game, 6 runs maximum for the offense.  

Exception: A play may be completed, resulting in more than 6 runs.  For example if the offensive team has scored 5 runs and a player hits a home run with a runner on base, both runs are allowed to score.

2.  Any player can request a courtesy runner with the last batted out runner used.

Time Limits

1.     9 inning games: 2:45

2.     7 inning games: 2:00

3.     New innings can start provided time remains

4.     In the event of a tie, extra innings can be played provided time remains

Umpire Abuse Zero tolerance rule

1.     This will include unsportsmanlike behavior and umpire abuse.

2.     The league will be significantly more inclined toward suspension and possible expulsions.

3.     Team managers will have accountability as well.

4.     Any issue involving a player abusing an umpire, even in the event of no ejection will be reviewed by the Division VP for possible suspension.

Extreme Weather

1.     Umpires will suspend the game at first indication of an electrical storm. There are no exceptions!

Eligibility and Qualification for Playoffs

1.     NCAA eligible ballplayers should consult their school regarding eligibility concerns playing MSBL.

2.     Ex-pros may play with no restriction in the Open National Division.

3.     In the American Division, ex-pros may play as long as they are out of MAJOR LEAGUE or A thru AAA MINOR LEAGUE ball three full years.

4.     Ex-Independent, International or other paid for play league are immediately eligible to play regardless of time out.

5.     Ex-pro exceptions can be appealed to Division VP and only accepted by agreement of 100% of American Division Managers.

6.     Players are eligible for playoffs if on roster by Roster Freeze usually Mid June.

7.     Exceptions can be made for teams whose roster shrinks below 14 due to injury/drops or due to relocation.  This must be reported to Division VP. Players cannot be added without permission.

8.     Any unauthorized player added after Roster Freeze Date will cause that team to forfeit all games played regardless of participation level

9.     Rosters will be on line and any complaints or concerns MUST be posted to Division VPs no later than stated Roster Freeze date at midnight or all players will be deemed ineligible.    


11.  Teams will be eligible ONLY if all financial requirements have been met for season.   Any team not paid in full will be ineligible for playoffs. NO EXCEPTIONS!

12.  Any team with more than 3 forfeits is ineligible for playoffs.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Double Headers (if applicable)

1.     All double headers will be 7 inning games.

Divisional Placement

1.     Movement between each division will be reviewed by the league management at the end of each year.

2.     A team MUST move up if so deemed by league management.

Forfeit Fine

If a team has fewer than 8 players at the field, the Head Umpire will declare "Game Start Time" and a 15 minute grace period will be allowed for the short handed team to get their players on the field.  If enough players arrive during the grace period the game will begin using the "Game Start Time".  It is acceptable for short handed teams to surrender home team status in order to start the game if confirmed players are en route.  

If the team has fewer than 8 players after 15 minutes, the short handed team forfeits the game. 
Forfeiting team(s) must pay $180.00 (9 inning game) or $140.00 (7 inning game).  Payment is within 14 days of the forfeit occurring.
Unpaid forfeit fines will result in exclusion from playoffs and possible exclusion from future league participation.

Protest and disciplinary committees

1.     Protest and disciplinary committees will be chaired by an impartial (one not involved as a player, manager or other bias) divisional VP.

2.     The Division VP (DVP) will be responsible for any and all investigation necessary/required as a result of a protest or disciplinary action.

3.     The DVP can form a committee to assist in fact finding.

4.     Any decision and or action must  be taken within 72 hours of the infraction being reported to the DVP.

Fighting/Instigating Fights

1. Fighting will not be tolerated in or around the field, between teammates, fans or umpires regardless of instigator.  It always takes two to tango so a minimum of two parties will be dealt with. Penalties are:

a.     For players/managers

First infraction - two-game suspension

Second infraction - suspension for the rest of the season (at least 10 games)

Third infraction - permanent suspension

b.    For umpires

First infraction - forfeiture of game fees and one week removal from schedule

Second infraction - suspension for the rest of the season

Third infraction - permanent suspension

c.     For fans

Contact local authorities for civil handling

Alcoholic Beverages or Local Field Rules

1. It is against league rules for managers, players, umpires and fans to consume alcoholic beverages in or around game or private practice facilities.  In some venues, fans can consumer through licensed vendors.

2. At no time can a manager, player or umpire carry in or consume alcoholic beverages in or around game or private practice facilities or they will be disciplined.  Penalties are:

a.     For players/managers

First infraction two-game suspension

Second infraction suspension for the rest of the season (at least 10 games)

Third infraction permanent suspension

b.    For umpires

First infraction forfeiture of game fees and one week removal from schedule

Second infraction suspension for the rest of the season

permanent suspension

c.     For fans

Contact local authorities for civil handling

Player Identification

1.     All players must post a front facing, recent photo to their dashboard and stored on the league website, viewable by league members, to be used as proof of membership and eligibility to play, if requested.  Provided a valid waiver exists for any player suspected of being an imposter, the game will be played under protest but MUST be raised before the completion of a game by opposing manager.

2.     Any protest on age and eligibility where proof cannot be produced on the field will result in a forfeit.

Other Points of Order

1. Rain-Outs

a.    Rain-out make-ups will be made up in the order of cancellation whenever possible.

b.    In the event make-up games cannot be agreed upon, the Board of Directors decision will be final arbitration in all such matters.

2. Missing Umpires

a.     In the event of no umpires, teams will have the option of appointing players or spectators to officiate.

3. Uniforms

a.     Full matching baseball uniforms will be required.

b.    New teams will be exempt at the discretion of the Division VP but expected to comply within a reasonable time frame.

4. Game Balls

a.     Only league approved baseballs can be used.

b.    Teams are to provide 3 new baseballs for each game from the supply provided and shag foul balls.  Any over use is at the team discretion and expense. Gently used balls are OK for use once game has started.

c.     There is no obligation to pay or tip a volunteer to shag balls at any field but shagging is a requirement, one way or another.

Rev. 03/29/21 

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