Waiver Sample

Upon completion of the registration all players are required to agree to the Player Agreement Waiver.  This must be done on-line.  The details of the Waiver are below:


1.) I, the undersigned (hereinafter "Player"), hereby warrant to the North Texas Amateur Baseball League (hereinafter "NTABL") that I am in good physical condition and that I have no impairment or ailment preventing me from engaging in active and/or passive exercise or that such exercise will not be harmful to my health, safety, comfort or physical condition if I engage or participate and such has been verified by a licensed physician.

2.) PLAYER hereby warrants that he is eighteen (18) years old for eligibility in the Open Division, twenty-five (25) years old for eligibility in the 25 Division, thirty-five (35) years old for eligibility in the 35 Division, forty-five (45) years old for eligibility in the 45 Division.

3.) Player hereby warrants that he will not bring, posses or consume ANY alcoholic beverage when or where a NTABL game or practice is being held. This includes the field, stands and parking lots adjacent to the fields. Player is responsible for compliance for anyone accompanying or invited by him.

4.) Player hereby agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of the NTABL outlined in the NTABL Constitution and above. Any violation thereto is subject to a review by the Divisional Eligibility and Disciplinary Board and punishable by banishment from the league.


The PLAYER shall participate in the NTABL programs and/or use the NTABL facilities, services and equipment at his own risk. In consideration for the acceptance of this contract and permission to play for the below stated team, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executor and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and/or claims of whatsoever in nature that may rise against my team, the NTABL, its Board of Directors, its Officers, its Managers, its Sponsors, and any of its players for any and all injuries suffered by me in games and/or practices for the period of time for which this contract is signed and in force. The Player also acknowledges recognition of the fact that neither medical insurance or liability insurance are inherent with national membership. Medical and liability insurance are made available to all affiliates through the national organization to all leagues, through league director correspondence. Additionally, PLAYER agrees to accept any and all official rulings of the NTABL Officers, which may be caused as a result of PLAYER's participation in the NTABL.


The PLAYER will participate in the NTABL as a member of a NTABL Competing Team, which is a team sanctioned by the NTABL. It is agreed by the PLAYER that the Teams Manager has sole authority on all issues pertaining to the team and as such will be authorized to trade and/or release PLAYER according to the rules and regulations outlined in the NTABL constitution.

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